Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned professional, Rex can help you find a new monologue, brush up your Shakespeare, or prepare for your next audition. Working in the DC theatre scene for over ten years has given Rex a breadth of industry knowledge to share. In addition to being the artistic director of Solas Nua, he is a faculty member at The National Conservatory of Dramatic arts and has worked with students of all ages.

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"One of the things that sets Rex apart from other great coaches, is simply who he is. When he works with me, he sees the world of the play and the material he is coaching in an entirely unique way. He has the ability to not only pull deep clarity and truth out of me, but also an unexpected quirk, an otherness, that makes me stand out. He pushes me out of my comfortable box into choices I could never have seen alone. And it's those choices that set my work apart."

-Alyssa Wilmoth Keegan

(Helen Hayes Award winning actress)


"I loved working with Rex. A thoughtful, intelligent director and acting coach."

-Brian Hemmingsen

(Helen Hayes nominated actor)


"A gifted performer in his own right, Rex has excellent instincts and insight into the art of acting and the craft of storytelling, and goes the extra mile to drive it all home."

-Bradley Foster Smith

(Helen Hayes nominated actor)


"Rex is a smart and perceptive director that goes above and beyond to understand a scene you are working on with him. He pulls the best out of you by coaching you to use achievable tactics and clear intentions. He guides you to bringing out the big picture as well as the specificity of a scene. He knows his theatre, is sharp on honest, human behavior, and is very business savvy. He's also just fun to work with. Seriously, he's great. I owe him a lot."

-Daven Ralston


"Rex is a delight. He's so easy to work with and has brought such specificity to my performance.  I'd work with him again in a heartbeat."

-Natalie Cutcher


"I used to dread improv work. Rex walked me through improv exercises that helped me find choices in a way that were spontaneous, but made sense to me. I feel better prepared going into any improvised audition or rehearsal thanks to working with him."

-Beth Amann