I've been a songwriter since I first picked up a guitar at 15 years old. They weren't good songs back then but they put Nelle (my big ol' Guild guitar) and me on an inseparable journey which has certainly improved with age. My songs were originally inspired by my Oklahoma roots and my love of Woody Guthrie. They range from whimsical and folksy to forlorn and lyrical.

 I've written few musicals along the way and I love to combine theatre and live music. My latest source for songwriting is my newborn son, Beckett. He's inspired such hits as "Cross Town Bus" and "Everybody Pees Their Pants Sometimes." Dad jokes AND song writing?!? YES! 


"truly splendid"       "appealingly fresh"     - The Washington Post

I'm currently recording an album and performing in a duo with my band partner, Daven Ralston. We call ourselves The Magi and you can hear our music on Youtube. 

Book us for a house concert or other performance event by contacting me here or at

LISTEN to them strings!